Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some snapshots of poor

Many people marked that destiny has written the poor
Other many used to state that God created that creature

By seeing and reading this word it seems simple
and as this is made of four letters only
but it encapsulates several meanings
its kept commentaries are also hundreds

The people declined by the blow of Ernesto and Lenin
when they re-arouse again in the memory of evil dreams
and in comparison to their labyrinth of new economy
poor seem as real destitute and sufferers

Though as the other paraphernalia of this world
all animals are acceded as the product of some utmost authority
in this manner poor are also determined as his creation
or assumed as copies of neuter gender
but there is not any difference in the creation of that unseen authority
everyone’s head, hands, feet and other organs are measure for measure
and the destiny of ravine between rich and poor
are carved by those re-aroused evils
and lead the weaker up the garden path to suck more blood
which are defined as result of fate and previous birth

‘to suck’ is a much controversial verb within time
because when the age to the utmost limit of physical strength
is crushed by other species of strength
this verb is absolutely assumed as the usages of devil

someone mourns for decaying of his stomach
someone wails for infertility of her womb
also we hear that happiness is burnt somewhere
heard is that somewhere peace is dying somewhere carcass is rotting
somewhere love is exiled and somewhere is flowering autumn of hatred
some have shortage of belief some have indelible effect of illiteracy
some are waiting for cognition and some are convocation for passing the labor

somebody dances beating the Damphu of home and vehicle
and somebody sings playing with flute of money
someone ever salutes by displaying his pieced legs
someone salivates abnormally on the flank

perhaps the system to obtained fallacy or destiny does not break
therefore it is hard to discover the tracks of penury
albeit other than wealth there is also wisdom to earn
other than gold there is also dreams to get

this way the creator wish to explain about the numerous forms of poverty
because poverty weary everyone’s shoulder
and of course uncountable promises also cannot delete it’s boundary.

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