Wednesday, March 16, 2011

country images

remarking that how much
backward is our country
again adding that
country is the motif of society also
aha a brigade of youth is raised
to hunt for reformation

asserting that the real country
lives in the cities
and investigating the sores in files
that is agonizing the country
also bargaining the prices with recliners
that inflate the country
the squad of youth is awoke
to drag the country of cities at right track

now the thumbs do not used
to keep the accounts of those years
they left our villages

laboring excessively
cities used to earn the rapes
aha how deeply they do research
to gain corruption

those aesthetes who wish to learn
the art of weeping by taming alligators
so the cities are multicolored
with the experiments of Chanakya Nitee
but now it is not to worry at all
when the youths are incarnated in cities
to rediscover the country
country that passes within time
for the wait of Godot

those young and aged live
in the villages
who are detained in the drama of
and Gramsabhas
that never ends

wise and knowledgeable siblings are
entered in cities
to excavate the country
who were schooled by
mortgaging the ripped nails
and cracked heels
eyes that are waiting for
a part from their income
are now turned to stones

there is not a big noise in villages
villages are always calm
o how backward and small are villages
they die silently
without medical reimbursements
their funeral rites
are preformed with laughter
between the Khadas
where hypocrite sensitivities are pasted

the date when country fled
from the villages
and entered into cities
every small and big association
holding numerous pending proposals
are busy to distribute
pack snacks of propaganda

in the country of cities
once there were the eras also
when dead memories carry
the villages of fire
who used to frequent the house of justice
that type of unbelievable legend
is also nurtured
but when country is fragmented into cities
those proposals composed monopoly
upon the rights of villages

thanks to those cities
for modernization of Mathura
in your rule of Kansa
thanks for your tears
that are squeezed from Devki

albeit villages can live
without the proposals
of those associations
and god ever dances
on the art of its living.

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