Monday, January 3, 2011

Truth Dissections

To be a stone is a truth here
To penetrate hardness into the stone is another truth
Truth is also that birds arbitrarily eat banyan fruits
And again falling with excreta of birds
To sprout a small banyan tree into the hole of Kutmero
is also a truth

In order to avert famines
to serve the burnt legumes of Bharla in the meals
is also true
The sun-heat makes half dead the maize trees
They wait for some dewdrops in nights
and it is a big truth

Truth knows that
Bimla has never went to school
Now who is gone to bring drinking water
towards the stream that is situated at next to three hills
truth also knows that man has a stomach
Sometimes you can ask
if that stomach feels hunger or not
and truth will never refuse that

By ill luck, some ebbs throw Gulliver on this land of Lilliput
is one truth
and to eat all our Lilliput’s food by the Gulliver
which would be sufficient for several months
is an another truth

An era has been lapsed for
that this hill is restlessly seeing at that hill
and for this hill why that hill does not seems anew ever
Falsehood never identifies that
in the hills voters are turned into trees
Falsehood does not know that
why the branches of that tree are drying out
And falsehood never accepts
that the tree is awaiting a rainfall ever
that the tree wishes green leaves on its branches
Never, falsehood accepts never

But never ask to truth
that with the arrival of sunlight
someday liquidity of happiness also may gush either
Ask not to a smile that is come from village
don’t ask about his fineness
It is useless to enquire with river about the definition of song
Hopeless is also to seek the hill’s desire for plain
Truth is that truth is never surplus from truth
Also it is not decreased from truth

Whenever falsehood set to escape from the house of truth
But there are not enough truths than falsehoods.

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