Thursday, February 10, 2011

miss word contest

Sprinkling the intoxication of elegance
the obstinate hips and breasts of words
on the ramp of poetry
Those sponsors made this ramp
who outstretched their market as meanings
in the colony of tri-world

In the vigorous stage of thought
and in the flamed lights of symbol
reflection of his strength fills magical music
following the tradition
imitating the common sense
As the celebrity judges of front row
wish to see the naked words
the way those who bared women
in the name of new
on the screen in the pictures in the tales

Dresses are wonderful worn by the words
who supported them to be glamorous
but in the hypothesis of designers
and in the cleverness of choreographers
words in their flexibility and walk
how often they are rapped
how often they are relished

Fashion does not get his totality in the graph of designer
the puberty of some model
her sensual gesticulation and nude limbs
may fill titillation in the eyes of spectators

Eyes also do not see the dresses
eyes fill in them an enough pleasure
the success of show is not in those crafty dresses
the melody of persistent fleshes of beautiful words
gather higher marks from the celebrity judges

Words C~A~T~W~A~L~K on the ramp of poetry
media who came to hunt the nudity with their pens and lens
out to capture the meaning.

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